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Testing and Developing Therapeutics and Diagnostics

Custom-Designed Experiments with Accurate Results

Integrated Pharma Services (IPS) is an award-winning research organization that employs a uniquely tailored approach to your specific testing needs. We strive for cost-effective and high quality custom testing and evaluation.

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We are a biotechnology and contract research organization in Rockville, MD. Our scientists have over 75 years of experience in preclinical and clinical research including antimicrobial efficacy evaluation of candidate therapeutics and devices. Our fully-equipped labs contain all of the essential elements of performing work with live microorganisms. We have an elaborate biorepository of bacterial and fungal agents including clinical and antibiotic resistant isolates.

About us

Integrated Pharma Services (IPS) is an Award-Winning Contract Research Organization (CRO) and reliable partner to potential customer. IPS engages Ph.D. level scientist and skilled technical staff to design, troubleshoot, conduct, analyze, and report the scientific data.

Integrated Pharma Service

4 Research Court, Suite 100 

Rockville, MD 20850


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