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Testing and Consulting Services

We are committed to providing precise, expedited, and cost-effective testing, data analysis, and reporting for the advancement of candidate therapeutics and diagnostics. We offer professional analysis and recommendations relevant to the purpose of the study by our expert scientists. We specialize in conducting Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Non-GLP studies for various diagnostics and therapeutics.


Pre-Clinical Testing Services

We understand that pre-clinical testing is a crucial step in the product development process, and our team is committed to delivering accurate and reliable results that help our clients to make informed decisions.

Our scientists are proficient in conducting pre-clinical studies using an elaborate biorepository of viral, bacterial, and fungal agents including antibiotic-resistant clinical isolates and ESKAPE pathogens. Our state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge testing approach enable us to conduct studies on a large scale while maintaining the highest quality standards. We also offer customization of pre-clinical studies, ensuring that the tests we conduct are tailored to our client's specific needs.

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Clinical Trial Support

We offer a comprehensive range of support for clinical studies customized to meet the needs of our clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. Our team of scientific and regulatory experts provides end-to-end support for clinical trials, from study design to regulatory approval.


Regulatory Affairs

We also offer FDA and EPA regulatory compliance solutions, ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations. Our regulatory experts provide guidance on regulatory strategies, preparation of regulatory submissions, PMA, EUA, and 510K approvals, and support for FDA inspections. 


Quality Data and Accurate Results

Laboratory Testing Services

  • Endotoxin Testing

  • 1-D Gel Electrophoresis

  • 2-D Gel Electrophoresis

  • Antiviral Testing (ex. Coronavirus)

  • Viral Neutralization Assays

  • COVID-19 Rapid Test Performance Evaluation

  • COVID-19 Environmental Testing

  • Immunoassay Optimization & Analytical Performance Testing

  • Cytotoxicity Testing (ISO-10993)

  • Women Health-Related Research

  • Biomarker Analysis (Cytokine)

  • Microbiome Testing

  • Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing (ex. MIC, MBC)

  • Biofilm Testing

  • Bacterial and Viral Recovery Testing

  • Bacteriophage Testing

  • ESKAPE & STD Pathogen Testing

  • Bioburden Determination

  • PPE Testing (ex. Masks, Gloves)

  • Masks, Disinfectants, Hand Sanitizers, Textile Testing

  • Regenerative Medicine Research

  • Polymicrobial Testing

  • Skin Barrier Testing

  • Wound Care Research

  • Formulation Design (ex. Gels, Creams) 

  • Electrolyte Analysis (ex. Na, K, Cl, and Ca)

  • Stability Testing (Real-Time and Accelerated)

Custom Research Services 

  •  Independent Validation of Assays and Devices

  • Customized genomic Material preparation 

  • Independent Validation of Assays and Instruments

  • Custom Design of Experiment

  • GLP and Non-GLP Studies

  • FDA and EPA Regulatory Compliance Solutions

  • FDA Regulatory Support: PMA, EUA, 510K Approval

  • Compliance Solutions

  • Cannabis Testing Lab Compliance 

  • Troubleshoot issues and recommend a path to Commercialization

  • Tailored and rapid product testing optimization

  • Independent scientific data analysis

  • Publish scientific data in peer-reviewed journals

  • Presentations at scientific conferences

  • Custom or design clinical trials

  • Aid with Grant Submissions & Investor presentations 

  • Lab Safety and Quality Compliance Support

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