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Testing Services

Research and Analysis

You’ll get precise and objective reporting of our findings that will provide not only an accessible summary of the data but a professional analysis and recommendations relevant to the purpose of the study by award-winning, experienced scientists.

Quality Data and Accurate Results

Laboratory Testing Services

  • Antiviral Testing (ex. Coronavirus)

  • PPE Testing (ex. Masks, Gloves)

  • Masks, Disinfectants, Hand Sanitizers, Textile Testing

  • Viral Neutralization Assays

  • COVID-19 Rapid Test Performance Evaluation

  • COVID-19 Environmental Testing

  • Nanotechnology Testing

  • Microbiome Testing

  • Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing (ex. MIC, MBC)

  • Biofilm Testing

  • Bacterial and Viral Recovery Testing

  • Bacteriophage Testing

  • ESKAPE Pathogens Testing

  • Bioburden Determination

  • Regenerative Medicine Research

  • Polymicrobial Testing

  • Skin Barrier Testing

  • Wound Care Research 

Custom Research Services 

  • Independent Validation of Assays and Devices

  • Customized genomic Material preparation for diagnostic                                                               assay design/validation and sequencing

  • Independent Validation of Assays and Instruments

  • Biomarker Analysis (Cytokine)

  • Custom Design of Experiment​

  • GLP and Non-GLP Studies

  •  FDA and EPA Regulatory Compliance Solutions

  •  FDA Regulatory Support: PMA, EUA, 510K Approval

  • Compliance Solutions

  • Laboratory Safety

  • Cannabis Testing Lab Compliance 

  • Troubleshoot issues and recommend path success

  • Tailored and rapid product testing optimization

  • Independent scientific data analysis

  • Publish scientific data in peer-reviewed journals

  • Presentations at scientific conferences

  • Custom or design clinical trials

  • Aid with Grant Submissions & Investor presentations 

  • Lab Safety and Quality

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