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Research & Development

Our lead Scientists have over 100 years of combined experience in research and lab operations. We have a proven track record of consultations for various clients including investors. Our team has outstanding talent and experience in developing and testing novel Therapeutics and Diagnostics. IPS provides a unique blend of scientific capabilities that focus on practical scientific solutions for industry, non-profit, academic, and government agencies.

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  • Our fully equipped labs contain all the essential elements required for conducting research in various scientific disciplines.

  • Bacteriology & Virology

  • Fungal Infection Research (x. C. auris and other invasive fungal pathogens)

  •  Immunology (Assay Optimization & Validation)

  • Production—Growth & Extraction of high-quality Microbial genomic material

  • Tissue Culture—Growing cell lines and conducting cell-based assays

  • Women's Health-Related Preclinical and Clinical Research

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases and UTI Research

Scientific Consultation Services

  • Proven Track Record of scientific consultation for various clients.

  • Providing a path forward for product development & Commercialization

  • Investor Consulting Services

  • Legal Consulting Services

  • Data Review and Reporting

  • Scientific Assessment of various products and technologies

  • Preparation and Review of Scientific proposals

  • FDA and EPA Regulatory Compliance Solutions

  • Aid with Grant Submissions and Investor Presentations

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