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Research & Development

Our lead Scientists have over 75 years of experience in research and lab operations and proven track record of consultations for various clients. Our team has outstanding talent and experience in developing and testing novel Therapeutics and diagnostics. IPS provides a unique blend of scientific capabilities that focus on practical scientific solutions to both commercial and government agencies.

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  • Our fully-equipped labs contain all of the essential elements required for conducting various testing and evaluation studies.

  • Bacteriology & Virology—Performing work with live microorganisms, including biofilm studies

  • Immunology—Conducting antibody and cell-based assays

  • Fungal—Working with fungal agents

  • Production—Growth, identification, and extraction of high-quality genomic material from infectious agents

  • Tissue Culture—Growing cell lines and conducting cell-based assays

Scientific Consultation Services

  • We have Proven Track Record of scientific consultation for various clients.

  • Providing a path-forward for product development

  • Research Study Design

  • Data Review and Reporting

  • Scientific Assessment of various products and technologies

  • Preparation and Review of Scientific proposals

  • FDA and EPA Regulatory Compliance Solutions

  • Aid with Grant Submissions and Investor Presentations

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